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NTC Thermistor Chip with Photovoltaic IGBT
2023/06/01 03:06:03

With the continuous improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection policies in the country, the development and utilization of renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation and hydro power generation has also been supported by relevant departments. Among them, the popularity of photovoltaic power generation continues to rise, and market demand is also growing rapidly. The development of photovoltaic power generation has also made its core component - IGBT market share remain high. Since the working environment of photovoltaic IGBT is mostly in a high temperature state, in order to ensure normal operation, its temperature acquisition module will generally be placed with NTC thermistor for junction temperature monitoring.

During the operation of the photovoltaic IGBT, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor changes with the rise/decrease of the monitoring temperature, so that the voltage data across the thermistor can be obtained. After comparing the temperature coefficient of the NTC thermistor, the corresponding actual junction temperature can be calculated. When the temperature exceeds the preset temperature value, the photovoltaic IGBT will react immediately to avoid damage to the circuit due to overheating and affect the progress of photovoltaic power generation.

In the traditional photovoltaic IGBT scheme, SMD type NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. are usually used. Its leadless structure is suitable for high-density surface mount in photovoltaic IGBT, but considering that its working temperature resistance is not high (-40~125℃) and the process technology is limited, in order to more efficiently monitor the temperature inside the photovoltaic IGBT and assist photovoltaic IGBT manufacturers to improve the design scheme, EXSENSE Electronics recommends the self-developed silver electrode NTC thermistor chip. It is more reliable and suitable for wire bonding processes, enabling stable thermal coupling between the photovoltaic IGBT internal module and the NTC thermistor chip. In addition, compared with SMD type NTC thermistor, setting NTC thermistor chip in photovoltaic IGBT also has the following advantages:

First, high accuracy, the accuracy of thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics can reach ±0.1℃ to ensure accurate temperature measurement and temperature control inside the photovoltaic IGBT;

Second, rapid response, effectively assist photovoltaic IGBT to improve operational efficiency;

Third, high temperature resistance, silver electrode NTC thermistor chip can withstand the temperature up to 200℃, which can better adapt to the high temperature working environment of photovoltaic IGBT.
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