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Application of NTC Thermistor in Wireless Power Bank
2023/06/08 03:06:55

In recent years, with the diversified development of electronic products, wireless power bank, which transmit energy from the charging end to the receiving end of electronic devices for charging through electromagnetic induction, have become a new favorite of users. In order to improve the durability and safety of the wireless power bank, its temperature monitoring module will add NTC thermistor to ensure that the wireless power bank automatically powers off when it is fully charged or the temperature is abnormal.

Compared with traditional charging methods, using wireless power bank to charge electronic devices has the following advantages:

First, there is no charging cable trouble. Wireless technology makes users no longer need to deal with the charging cable, nor worry about adapting the charging plug, just need to place the wireless power bank at the receiving end of the electronic devices;

Second, truly achieve universal compatibility. The implementation standard of wireless charging is generally the Qi wireless charging international standard, its compatibility is strong, in addition to mobile phones, smart watches, TWS Bluetooth earphones, tablet computers, smart bracelet and other devices that support wireless charging, can also use wireless power bank;

Third, the safety performance is better. With the help of NTC thermistor, wireless power bank can work within the appropriate temperature range to prevent damage to themselves and electronic equipment caused by overheating;

Fourth, the durability is upgraded. The wireless design makes the wireless power bank free from repeated plugging in/out, and does not cause interface or charging cable wear like traditional charging methods.

Among the many wireless power bank circuit design schemes, why do most manufacturers use the IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.?

First, the respond is fast. The excellent sensitivity of the thermistor enables it to measure the temperature in real time when the wireless power bank is working, and react quickly when the temperature is abnormal to avoid overheating;

Second, the stability is great. The miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor can effectively control the temperature fluctuation during the working process of the wireless power bank, so that the power bank can stabilize the output.

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