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NTC Thermistor Chip and Optical Transceiver
2023/05/03 03:05:38

Optical transceiver is a device that uses optical fiber technology to send and receive data, which controls and encodes/decodes data through laser diodes and other electronic components and converts it into optical pulses, then sends them to the other end for output as electrical signals. Since the wavelength of the optical fiber in this process is easily affected by temperature, it is necessary to set NTC thermistor chip, TEC and micro-electric controller in the optical transceiver for temperature control to avoid reducing the conversion efficiency of the optical transceiver.

Specifically, after the temperature information is collected, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor chip is converted to voltage value and fed back to the TEC, and the TEC begins to control the current flowing after receiving it, so as to realize the operating temperature control of the optical transceiver. The use of NTC thermistor chip as the main auxiliary component of temperature control can ensure the stability of the whole process. Moreover, the key consideration for temperature control of TEC in optical transceiver is to make use of the characteristic that the resistance value of NTC thermistor chip is negatively correlated with the change of temperature.

Among all kinds of NTC components, what are the reasons that optical transceiver chooses NTC thermistor chip for temperature control? First of all, considering the limited internal mounting position of the optical transceiver, NTC thermistor chip can be directly soldered to the substrate, saving installation space. Secondly, the upper and lower surfaces of NTC thermistor chip are coated with metal electrodes, which can be connected to the printed circuit using the bonding process. In addition, the chip structure of NTC thermistor chip can be in direct contact with the heating source of the optical transceiver to for rapid response and feedback work.

Since the optical transceiver pursues extremely high stability during the working process, the thermistor chip selected first needs to meet this requirement. The NTC thermistor chip for optical transceiver researched, developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is coated with gold electrode material at both ends. It has the characteristics of high stability, which can effectively control the junction temperature of optical transceiver and ensure the normal output of optical fiber wavelength.

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