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IGBT and MELF Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor
2023/05/05 03:05:10

As the mainstream semiconductor power device, IGBT is widely used in new energy automobile, aerospace, renewable energy and other fields. In practical applications, the working environment of IGBT is almost always in a high temperature state, so most IGBTs will use NTC thermistor for temperature protection and temperature monitoring to prevent over-temperature from causing the failure of IGBT.

Considering the long-term and high-temperature working environment of IGBT, MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor (working temperature range: -40℃~250℃) is generally selected to ensure the smooth working of IGBT internal junction temperature monitoring. In addition, the application of MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor in IGBT also has the following advantages:

First, the internal layout of IGBT is relatively compact, the leadless structure can better cooperate with the installation of other components inside the IGBT;

Second, the chip structure makes the MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor as close as possible to the device under test, which can ensure the high accuracy of the temperature measurement process;

Third, the moisture-proof performance of glass encapsulating is better than that of other encapsulating methods, and it can also play the excellent negative temperature characteristics of thermistor in IGBT working environment of high temperature and humidity.

With the development of power device R&D technology mature day by day

With the maturity of power device research and development technology and the continuous expansion of application scenarios, SiC module with superior technical performance than IGBT module came into being. SiC module is preferred over IGBT module because of its higher switching frequency, lower switching losses, better thermal performance, which significantly improved work efficiency in product applications. In order to cooperate with manufacturers to upgrade module, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new product of independent research and development - fixed resistor. It is divided into vertical type and horizontal type, which can realize vertical conduction and horizontal conduction, compared with MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor, the installation position selection is more flexible. The fixed resistor also has great stability, which makes the acquisition process of real-time junction temperature data in the SiC module smoother.

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