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NTC Thermistor and Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
2023/05/10 03:05:01

As one of the load sensing devices of the Engine Control Module (ECM), the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECTS) is used to monitor the engine water temperature and the coolant temperature to provide effective and accurate temperature data, so that users can know the engine situation in real time. In order to maintain the continuous accuracy of the monitoring process of engine water temperature, NTC thermistor is generally inserted as the core components of temperature monitoring.

In engine coolant temperature sensor, NTC thermistor is typically disposed in the inner of their metal shell and connected to information collection components and data output components. Since the sensor combines the ambient temperature before the engine starts, the engine continuous running time, the engine load and other information to calculate the engine water temperature, so the NTC thermistor needs to calculate the temperature data in combination with other components after collecting the temperature data to obtain an accurate real-time junction temperature and feed it back to the water temperature gauge.

Specifically, using the characteristics that the resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases with the increase of temperature, the information collected by the NTC thermistor is output as an analog signal when the engine coolant temperature sensor is running, and then the output temperature of the automobile engine water temperature is obtained by calculation. In view of the long-term high temperature working environment of the engine, NTC thermistor generally selects VT series automotive NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., which have the following advantages:

First, high temperature resistance, temperature monitoring can be carried out normally when the engine control module is started, and it is not affected by high temperature;

Second, high accuracy, to ensure the measurement accuracy of engine coolant temperature sensor;

Third, the response speed is fast, which can assist the engine coolant temperature sensor to run quickly;

Fourth, NTC thermistor has a simple structure, which can effectively improve the efficiency of mass production.

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