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Application of NTC Thermistor Chip in IPM Module
2023/05/16 03:05:18

As compact and highly integrated semiconductor power module, IPM module is widely used in household appliance, new energy automobile, industrial automation, rail transit and other industries. Since the IPM module generates heat during operation, in order to avoid damage to the IPM module due to excessive temperature, NTC thermistor chip is generally selected as temperature monitoring and temperature protection component.

Compared with IGBT module that is small in size and usually only need one NTC thermistor for junction temperature monitoring, IPM module needs to set up multiple NTC thermistor chips for internal junction temperature monitoring due to their large size, and thermistor chips are generally soldered to the PCB to achieve the purpose of accurate data acquisition. In addition, compared with IGBT module, IPM module also has the following advantages:

First, the integration level is higher: there are multiple circuits and components integrated inside IPM module, so as to realize the integration of circuits;

Second, higher reliability: the high integrated rate enables IPM module to obtain better performance, thereby improving its own reliability;

Third, the functions are more diverse. The high integration level allows IPM module to not only have the power switching functions of IGBT module, but also to provide better protection while enhancing robustness.

In practical application scenarios, IPM module will radiate its actual operating temperature to the NTC thermistor chip through air heat, and the resistivity of the thermistor chip will change accordingly. The real-time junction temperature of IPM module can be calculated through the processing module by obtaining the corresponding temperature value of NTC thermistor chip through the change of resistivity, then converted into electrical signal and fed back to the control module for load control of the terminal equipment, avoiding the damage caused by abnormal temperature. The NTC thermistor chip is chosen for IPM module because it has the following characteristics:

First, high sensitivity, so that it can monitor temperature in IPM module continuously and efficiently;

Second, high accuracy, which can ensure that the temperature acquisition during the working process of IPM module is more accurate;

Third, the consistency is excellent, effectively optimizing the temperature monitoring environment inside IPM module;

Fourth, the parameters and dimensions of NTC thermistor chip can be customized to meet the different assembly requirements of IPM module manufacturers.

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