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Application of NTC Thermistor Chip in Infrared Thermopile
2023/01/19 03:01:01

Infrared thermopile is to obtain relevant temperature information by monitoring the infrared energy of the object, and the higher the temperature, the more infrared energy is emitted. Specifically, the small thermocouple, NTC thermistor chip, etc. inside the infrared thermopile convert the absorbed infrared energy into relevant temperature data and output, which can effectively help the forehead thermometer, smart home, medical equipment, industrial equipment, smart wearable, etc., to carry out non-contact temperature measurement.

NTC thermistor chip is encapsulated as a reference component in the infrared thermopile, and the temperature information obtained is analyzed with other components in the infrared thermopile and transmitted to the terminal equipment by using the characteristics that its resistance value decreases with the increase of temperature. Due to the small size of infrared thermopile, NTC thermistor chip is also the first choice for temperature monitoring. The high reliable NTC thermistor chip independently developed and mass-produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is small in size (which can be customized according to needs), it can save the encapsulating space of infrared thermopile better; Its high accuracy can more accurately assist the infrared thermopile for temperature data acquisition; Its fast response shortens the acquisition time of temperature data and improves the efficiency of infrared thermopile.

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