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Key Points of NTC Thermistor Selection
2023/01/24 03:01:30

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional NTC manufacturer providing a full set of temperature sensing and measuring solutions. So naturally EXSENSE also produce almost all kinds of NTC thermistors. In this article, EXSENSE Electronics will talk about how we choose the right NTC thermistor for our customers.

There are many kinds of NTC thermistors, such as: gold electrode NTC thermistor chip (DT-G series), silver electrode NTC thermistor chip (DT-A series), MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor (GT-T series), radial epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor (AT/LT series), SMD type NTC thermistor (CT series), enameled wire epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor (IT series), Axial glass sealed NTC thermistor (GT-A series), radial glass sealed NTC thermistor (GT-R series), etc. To simplify, NTC is roughly divided into three types: epoxy resin coating NTC, glass encapsulated NTC, and bare chip (unencapsulated NTC thermistor chip). The criteria for NTC component selection are also very simple, which are nothing more than the following aspects:

First, the application temperature

1) Epoxy resin coating NTC thermistors are recommended for temperature sensing of water temperature, general air and batteries;
2) The oil temperature is between epoxy resin and glass sealed;
3) High temperature heating devices, such as microwave ovens, ovens, etc., it is recommended to use glass-sealed NTC thermistors;
4) The surface mount adopts bare chip, the SMT process adopts SMD type NTC thermistor, and bonding adopts NTC thermistor chip.

Second, the installation size or thermal reaction

Note: The thermal time constant of the component ≠ sensor ≠ application

In general, the smaller the size, the faster the thermal reaction, but the corresponding moisture protection will decrease; The thermal reaction between glass-sealed NTC and bare chip is better than that of epoxy resin coating. Therefore:

1) The use of bead-shaped epoxy resin coating components or radial glass sealed components with high thermal response or size requirements, such as: instant heating smart toilets, electronic cigarettes, etc.;
2) Use large size component types with high moisture-proof requirements, such as boilers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.;
3) The digital circuit adopts small SMD type NTC components;
4) Optical communication, infrared, etc. use small NTC thermistor chips.

3. Cost

Note: The cost is affected by accuracy, dimension, reliability, etc., and is for reference only. Overall:

1) Glass-sealed NTC is higher than epoxy resin coating NTC;
2) Small size is higher than large size;
3) Customized products with small batches are higher than standardized products;

The above is the relevant introduction to the selection of NTC thermistors. NTC thermistors are widely used in smart homes (microwave ovens, electric ovens, rice cookers, water heaters, smart toilets, coffee machines, etc.), new energy (batteries, energy storage, etc.), digital circuits (mobile phones, computers, etc.), communication base stations, industrial equipment and many other fields, EXSENSE Electronics can customize the best solutions for customers according to specific needs.

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