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Development of Optical Communication Industry
2021/11/23 03:11:52

With the advent of the 5G mobile communication technology, the development prospect of optical communication industry is more and more broad, and which will usher in great opportunities. With the development of optical communication industry, the demand for NTC chip for optical communication is also rising. The NTC chip for optical communication developed and researched by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., LTD., is characterized by its resistance value decreasing with the increase of temperature and increasing on the contrary, which effectively ensures the safety of optical module.

Facing the first-mover advantage, strong strength and control of high-end industrial chain of foreign optical communication enterprises, the development prospect of domestic optical communication still has a long way to go. And fiber optic cable enterprises and equipment manufacturers are expanding to optical transceiver, so that the original strength of the optical transceiver manufacturers are besieged, difficult to continue, market development space received extrusion. Although there are many domestic optical communication device manufacturers, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with relatively weak independent research, development and investment strength. Moreover, the products produced are relatively single (mainly middle and low-end products), focused on encapsulating business, uneven in scale and level, the general total income is not large. Domestic research and development, production of supporting equipment, manufacturing capacity is relatively insufficient, process production and construction, materials, instruments, software, etc., are mostly dependent on imports, which is difficult to break through. The main advantage of domestic optical communication enterprises lies in their strong cost control ability and relatively cheap labor cost. They undertake OEM operations of some specific optical device customers. Therefore, in the field of middle and low-end products, the effect of import substitution is gradually emerging.

As we all know, the cost of optical transceiver is affected by the chip. The chip accounts for 66% of the cost, and the optical chip accounts for 51%. It can be said that chips occupy the commanding heights of technology and value, but the domestic capacity is still weak, and even high-end optical/electrical chips are basically dependent on imports. So, how should the optical communication industry break through?

First of all, improve the industrial layout and industrial restructuring, focus on advantages of talent, technology and financial, expand the industrial scale and strength, cultivate Chinese flagship enterprises.

Secondly, increase investment in scientific research and encourage innovation, so that the industry develops to high-end, core product, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Then, organize cooperation to tackle key problems in the industrial chain, so that materials, precision processing, process equipment, design software, test instruments and other links can get rid of foreign control and extrusion.

Finally, the government should increase its support, take corresponding measures to benefit enterprises in industrial policy, environment, taxation, talents, import and export, etc., to promote industrial development, and strengthen the training and introduction of basic theory, technology, craft, talents.

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