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Recyclable-Type NTC Thermistor
2018/11/09 01:11:53

The main material of NTC thermistor chip is Manganese, Copper, Silicon, Cobalt, Iron, Nickel, Zinc and other two or more metal oxides, to mix fully, molding, sintering and other processes then make the semiconductor ceramics, these substances are obtained from minerals, belong to non-renewable resources. Therefore, not recycling means that these resources will be consumed. Now, a recyclable-type NTC thermistor that can be recycled and recycled easily for the NTC thermistor chip is available.

As shown in the picture No.1 to No.3, the recyclable-type NTC thermistor made of a clamping device 1, anti-oxidation cover 2 and NTC thermistor chip 3; The NTC thermistor chip 3 is a round chip, the clamping device 1 comprises a pressure reed 12 and a cylindrical base 11 made of insulating material, one end of the pressure reed 12 is fixed at the edge of the base 11 top through a fastening screw 13, the center of the base 11 top is provided with a base electrode 14, and the other end of the pressure reed 12 is provided with a pressure reed electrode 15 corresponding to the base electrode 14; The base electrode 14 is a cylindrical structure, the top is a horizontal plane; The pressure reed electrode 15 is a hemispheric structure, the gapped plane is level face down and corresponding to the base electrode 14; The NTC thermistor chip 3 clamped horizontally between the base electrode 14 and the pressure reed electrode 15, the pressure reed electrode 15, the base electrode 14 and the NTC thermistor chip 3 are plane contact, the contact area is large, Suitable for using in the actual use of the products need to pass the high current ; the edge 16 of the base 11 is raised at a certain height, higher than the top of the base electrode 14, the middle forms a holding groove 17 that can accommodates the NTC thermistor chip 3, and the holding groove 17 plays a role of limiting fixed effect for the NTC thermistor chip 3.

Anti-oxidation cover 2 includes sleeve 21, piston 22, reset spring 24 and end cover 23, piston 22 is installed in sleeve 21, end cover 23 is connected to the top of sleeve 21, reset spring 24 is connected between piston 22 and end cover 23, base 11 seal is connected tightly to the bottom of sleeve 21; For ease of installation and disassembly, the sleeve 21 and the base 11, as well as the sleeve 21 and the end cover 23, are connected to each other in a threaded or other manner that can be tightly matched; a sealing cavity is formed between the sleeve 21, the base 11 and piston 22, the NTC thermistor chip 3 is in this sealing cavity, make the air in the cavity where the NTC thermistor chip 3 is located isolated from the outside air, thus avoiding the terminal electrode silver of the NTC thermistor chip 3 continue oxidize, so that the electrode contact is good and the good conductivity is guaranteed; Since one sealing ends of the sealing cavity is a piston, its space is variable.

When using, installing or removing the NTC thermistor chip 3, loosen the connection between the sleeve 21 of the anti-oxidation cover 2 and the base 11 first, through rotating the pressure reed 12 so that the pressure reed electrode 15 is removed from the base of the holding groove 17, or loosen the fastening screw 13 which fixed pressure reed 12, remove the pressure reed 12, replace the disused NTC thermistor chip 3 with a new one, then move back or install the pressure reed 12 so that it can clamp the NTC thermistor chip 3; When the NTC thermistor chip burns due to overcurrent or improper selection, while causing the fixture electrode scorched, oxidized or adhere to the NTC fragments, the pressure reed can be disassembled, polished or replaced with a new, improve the service life of the product.

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