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Application of IGBT NTC Thermal Chips in Heat Dissipation
2018/05/08 09:05:56

Application of IGBT NTC Thermal Chips in Heat Dissipation

After the "Made in China 2025" development plan was promulgated, industrial intelligence and green development became the theme. Therefore, smart control and power semiconductors such as IGBTs are the key to development. At present, China is one of the largest IGBT consumers in the world, and the IGBT consumer market is as high as about 8 billion yuan.

As a new generation of power semiconductor devices, IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) has a wide range of applications. It can be called the "heart" of modern power conversion devices and the "core" of the high-end green industry. From traditional electric power, machinery, mining and metallurgy to strategic emerging industries such as rail transit, aerospace, new energy equipment and special equipment, it has its presence. The IGBT module is the core component of the high-speed train traction drive system, which directly affects the performance of the high-speed train - whether it can start instantly, ride comfortably, and stabilize parking.

How to solve the heat dissipation problem of IGBT module is the key of technological breakthrough. The following methods are summarized for the heat dissipation of four IGBT modules:

1. To improve the IGBT module power cycle of internal thermal conductive performance, tolerance ability. IGBT module internal lead technology has the process of thick aluminum wire bonding, aluminum tape bonding to the copper wire bonding process, increased the carrier density.

2. Adopt the new welding technology, the traditional for tin lead solder alloys, low cost, simple operation, but the environmental pollution problems, and automotive power module chip temperature is close to tin-lead solder melting point (220 ).

3. Improve DBC and module bottom plate, reduce heat resistance, improve thermal reliability, reduce volume, reduce cost, etc. AlN and AlSiC and other materials replace conventional ceramics such as Al2O3 and Si3N4 in DBC, and the thermal conductivity is higher, and the thermal expansion coefficient of Si material is better.

4. Expand the connection area between the module and the cooling bottom plate, such as the terminal pressing technology.

The key part for controlling the temperature in the IGBT module is the NTC thermal chip. NTC chip has the function of controlling the temperature and temperature compensation. The  NTC chip for IGBT independently researched and developed by EXSENSE Electronics can be used for bonding and welding processes. Good heat cycle resistance, NTC chip size and parameter  can be customized according to customer requirements. 

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