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Application of NTC Thermistor in Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicle
2018/09/25 04:09:42

Application of NTC Thermistor in Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicle

In January 2018, three technical review standards were "Special Requirements for Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicle", "Communication Protocols between Vehicle Mounted Chargers and Wireless Charging Devices for Electric Vehicle" and "Wireless Electromagnetic Environment Limits and Test Methods for Electric Vehicle" through the review. The “General Requirements for Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle” jointly signaled that the basic standards for the wireless charging system for electric vehicles in China have been established, which will certainly accelerate the process of industrialization of wireless charging in China's electric vehicle.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a device or system to operate in its electromagnetic environment without causing unacceptable electromagnetic disturbance to any device in its environment. EMC is a critical indicator of electronics and electrical products. Therefore, EMC includes two requirements:  on the one hand is EMI, refers to the equipment in normal operation of the process towards the environment in which the electromagnetic disturbance cannot exceed a certain limit;On the other hand, EMS refers to the degree of resistance to electromagnetic disturbance in the environment in which the device exists, namely electromagnetic susceptibility.

Since wireless charging is the use of magnetic energy for non-contact power transmission, the wireless charging technology of high power is restricting the application and popularization of wireless charging industry. At present, the relevant enterprises in China have broken through this technical bottleneck and promoted the development of wireless charging technology of electric vehicle.

In the process of wireless charging of electric vehicles, the most important thing is to consider the problem of heat dissipation, and NTC thermistor should be used at this time.

The function of NTC thermistor is to detect and control the temperature, so as to avoid the excessive temperature of the electric vehicle during charging and damage the internal parts, so as to extend the service life of electric vehicle. Our IT series NTC thermistor is suitable for wireless charging, which can be used for wireless charger and wireless charging of electric car. Exsense Electronics Technology co., LTD. independently R&D, manufactures and sells of NTC thermistor.  The NTC temperature sensor's high accuracy, high sensitivity, and quick response characteristics allow it to detect accurate data. To know more information about NTC thermistor: http://www.exsense.cn/products/

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