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NTC Thermistors Used in Aviation Cold Chain Transportation
2018/05/22 04:05:48

NTC Thermistors Used in Aviation Cold Chain Transportation


Aeronautical cold chain transportation mainly uses cargo compartment of the aircraft or the whole cargo aircraft, Load and its compatible ULD (Unit Load Device) or thermal container, with the help of a cooling medium, the temperature control is the means of transport, the related auxiliary materials to complete the air transport, refrigerated trucks and other ground transportation for extension, enlarge the coverage of air cold chain.


In aviation cold-chain transportation, coherent to temperature monitoring data to determine whether the whole transportation process temperature control standard of important evidence, and for the transportation products such as chemicals, food, transportation and medical provides authoritative, accurate data information. Wireless communication is prohibited in air transportation, so the online temperature management monitoring system can not be used.


Currently, there is an NFC smart tag embedded with temperature sensors in the market. It can not only monitor the air transport temperature of cold chain, but also store the temperature data information in the cloud application for data analysis. At the same time, you can download real-time data, generate reports, upload cloud, and wireless print through your mobile phone or other mobile handheld devices.


Among them, the NTC thermistor is used to monitor the temperature in the NFC smart tag. The NTC thermistor produced by the semiconductor technology of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has high precision and high sensitivity. NTC thermistor has the characteristics of rapid response, it not only can provide accurate data according to the temperature change but also can control the temperature and record data stably during long-distance transportation.

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