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Application of NTC Thermistor Chip in IGBT
2018/04/16 04:04:51

Application of NTC Thermistor Chip in IGBT

With the development of high-speed rail, energy-saving inverter, wind power, solar energy and new energy vehicles, the market demand in China has generated a great demand for the IGBT market. However, the core technology of IGBTs has so far been controlled by foreign semiconductor manufacturers. China broke the monopoly in June 2014 and developed 8-inch IGBT chips. Therefore, it is particularly important to vigorously develop the IGBT industry.


The importance of IGBT is reflected in that it is the core device of power electronic devices, used for energy conversion and transmission. It can improve the efficiency of electricity use, and is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a key technology for solving energy shortages and reducing carbon emissions. IGBT products below 600V are mainly used in consumer electronics, such as automotive igniters, digital camera flash, etc. The 1200V or above high-specification IGBT products are used in power equipment, automotive electronics, high-speed railways and motor vehicles.


In practical applications, the IGBT module is a modular semiconductor product formed by IGBT chip and FWD (freewheeling diode chip) through a specific circuit bridge package, which has the characteristics of energy saving, convenient installation and maintenance, and stable heat dissipation. The adhesive chip template inside the IGBT module needs to use an NTC thermistor chip to control its temperature, so as to avoid overheating and damage the normal operation of the module.


Our DT series silver electrode IGBT NTC thermal chip with high accuracy, precision can reach 0.5%, 1%, 3%, operating temperature range is -50~ +200. NTC chip size is small, can be up to 0.3*0.3mm, with good heat cycle resistance and short response time, can maintain good stability and reliability in high temperature work.

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