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Application of NTC Thermistor in Fast Charge Mobile Power
2018/04/19 03:04:11

Application of NTC Thermistor in Fast Charge Mobile Power

In recent years, with the emergence of more and more fast charging mobile phones in the market, fast charge mobile power has also emerged. Fast charge mobile power can meet people's demand for fast power consumption when traveling on business or trip, and charge mobile phones and iPad anytime and anywhere.


Nowadays, quick charge standard of mobile power supply is within 60 minutes with 20000 ma. Mobile power with digital display is also popular, so that we can monitor the amount of mobile power in real time.


The fast charge mobile power with digital display function is composed of a shell, a circuit board mounted and lithium battery installed inside the shell. The internal structure is as shown in the figure.

MCU controller compares the charging and discharging capacities calculated by the charging and discharging circuits with the preset capacity of the program, and converts the converted results as percentages to the drive circuit. Finally, the digital display of the LED screen can intuitively monitor the usage of mobile power.


Among them, the NTC thermistor is connected with the MCU controller to play a role in detecting temperature and temperature compensation. The temperature protection of the cell core in the mobile power can automatically collect the temperature data of the cell core to ensure that the cell operates at a safe temperature and actively stops working under abnormal temperature. At this time, the NTC thermistor appears to be particularly important.


NTC is the abbreviation of Negative Temperature Coefficient and means negative temperature coefficient. The NTC thermistor is characterized by a decrease in resistance with increasing temperature. This feature can be used to make circuit components for temperature measurement, temperature compensation, and temperature control.

Our NTC thermistor has three characteristics: high accuracy, high reliability and high sensitivity. According to customer requirements, we can accurately measure the corresponding temperature value under different resistance values. To know more information about NTC thermistor, please refer to http://www.exsense.cn/products/

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