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Application of NTC Thermistor in Fair Infrared Heater
2018/04/12 05:04:54

Application of NTC Thermistor in Fair Infrared Heater

Far infrared heaters are also called far infrared heating plates, far infrared electric heaters, infrared electric heating plates, infrared electric heaters, and so on. Installing infrared heaters in car seats or office chairs can not only promote blood circulation, reduce body aches and pains, and promote long-term work or fatigue driving, but also improve the body's immunity.


Combined use of far infrared heater thick film heating technology, make a far infrared heater used in car seat. It can overcome existing heater in a single function, the shortcomings of low efficiency and short service life of heating. Because of thick film heating technology is in the dielectric substrate printing, heat resistance, conductor and insulation layer, through high heat sintering of heater, it has excellent thermal conductive performance and safety performance.


The far infrared heater of the car seat is covered a thick film on a round plate, and the thick film includes far-infrared heating resistor, insulating medium, NTC thermistor and polyimide film.


NTC thermistor plays a role in detecting temperature and temperature compensation. The operating temperature range is -50 °C to +125 °C. This prevents the far infrared heater from being damaged due to high temperature during operation, and ensures the safety of use.


Our non-insulated leaded NTC thermistors are small size, fast thermal sensing and high sensitivity. Exsense Electronics provides you with the most professional NTC thermistor chip and NTC thermistor components technology service, which can be inquired via email, telephone, QQ, etc.


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