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Preparation Method of Single Layer Capacitor
2022/11/15 03:11:47

Single layer capacitor is widely used in power supplies, home appliances, automobiles and other equipment to filter, plays the role of smoothing, oscillate, coupling, etc. Compared with the current conventional manufacturing process, in order to reduce the waste of labor and fixtures, improve production efficiency, EXSENSE Electronics introduces a single layer capacitor manufacturing method. The specific manufacturing steps are as follows:

First, ceramic substrate preparation, the preparation of a whole substrate containing undivided multi-piece monolithic matrix.

Second, the ceramic substrate is electric polarized, and according to the single layer capacitor specifications to be manufactured, multiple electrodes are prepared on the entire ceramic substrate plate at a certain distance.

Third, ceramic substrate dicing, according to the single layer capacitor specifications to be manufactured, the electric polarized ceramic substrate is diced into a single single layer capacitor with metal electrodes.

Fourth, test, test performance in accordance with the specified testing standards.

Compared with the current conventional manufacturing process of single layer capacitor, this preparation method has the following advantages:

First, in the process of sintering and electric polarization, multiple monolithic ceramic substrates have been centralized in the form of connecting as a whole ceramic substrate, only need to place and unload the whole ceramic substrate, which significantly improves the loading and unloading efficiency.

Second, the prepared ceramic substrate is not divided into a single ceramic substrate form, after the preparation of ceramic substrate, according to customer needs, flexible adjustment of electric polarization position and substrate slcing size, the formation of required specifications, can avoid some enterprises of electronic components according to a certain specification size of the preparation of inventory, market demand changes, the original inventory can not handle the problem.

Third, in the form of ceramic substrate, material loading and unloading can be placed in the production order, once the process of single layer capacitor defect is found in the production process, the defective product can be effectively isolated according to the section, without overall sorting, which is conducive to improving production efficiency.

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