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Preparation Method of Single Layer Capacitor
2022/12/07 03:12:21

Single layer capacitor has the advantages of small size, solid structure, excellent frequency characteristics, stable electrical performance, high reliability, etc., which are widely used in various microwave communication circuits. Single layer capacitor generally goes through several processes such as cleaning, sputtering, electroplating and dicing, in order to improve the capacitance, microwave performance, dicing yield, dicing quality of single layer capacitor, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. introduces a preparation method of single layer capacitor. The preparation steps are as follows:

First, the ceramic dielectric substrate is ultrasonic cleaning with water and ultrasonic cleaning with organic solvents, then dried;

Second, the vacuum sputtering method is used to sputter a layer of metal electrode on the upper surface and lower surface of the cleaned ceramic dielectric substrate;

Third, the photolithography method is used to carry out gluing, pre-baking, developing and hardening, then make patterns on the metallized ceramic dielectric substrate;

Fourth, the ceramic dielectric substrate with the pattern is plated, corroded and washed to form a plurality of metal electrode with the same shape on the upper and lower surfaces of the ceramic dielectric substrate, so as to obtain a single layer capacitor substrate to be diced;

Fifth, after cleaning the single layer capacitor substrate to be diced, a layer of nickel is plated on the metal electrode of the lower surface of the ceramic dielectric substrate, and the nickel-plated surface of the ceramic dielectric substrate is bonded to the glass plate;

Sixth, after the adhesive is fully cured, the dicing machine is used to slice the ceramic dielectric substrate;

Seventh, after the dicing is completed, the whole ceramic capacitor is soaked in the nickel corrosion solution to remove the electroplated nickel layer, then the single layer capacitors will be separated from the adhesive, thereby obtaining single layer capacitors.

The single layer capacitor prepared by this method has the following advantages:

First, effectively improve the capacitance withstand voltage value and dielectric constant of single layer capacitor, reduce dielectric loss, this method is suitable for large-scale production of low-loss high-performance microwave single layer capacitors;

Second, effectively improve the dicing yield and dicing quality of single layer capacitors, reduce production and processing costs.

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