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SLC Single Layer Capacitor and Processing Technology
2022/07/28 03:07:02

With the continuous development of electronic system, their requirements for reliability, miniaturization, integration and so on are also increasing. SLC single layer capacitor that plays a role of wave filtering, DC isolation, tuning, RF bypass, etc. in the electronic system, while adapting to the above requirements of the electronic system, also has the characteristics of low loss and excellent dielectric properties, which can be applied to a variety of special application scenarios (such as microwave, millimeter wave, etc.). Conventional single layer capacitor, the product shape is generally cube or cuboid. Due to its small size and versatility, application-specific functions can be achieved by designing the electrode plates when used at microwave frequencies. It is precisely because of this feature of single layer capacitor that it also occupies a dominant position in various passive components.

According to the current application prospects of single layer capacitor, major manufacturers have higher requirements for their performance. EXSENSE Electronics introduces a processing process of single layer capacitor, compared with the previous processing technology, which can get SLC single layer capacitor with better dielectric performance, less parasitic effect and higher application frequency. The specific process steps are as follows:

First, polishing the ceramic substrate;

Second, the photoresist is evenly distributed on the ceramic substrate;

Third, dry the ceramic substrate, the process needs to pay attention to the photoresist to dry all;

Fourth, lithography: this process needs to pay attention to the photoresist in the exposure area to be fully dissolved after development; The formation of photoresist in the unexposed area needs to be maintained warped, steep, high and without lateral erosion; Drying ceramic substrate after development;

Fifth, metal electrode is sputtered on the upper surface of ceramic substrate by sputtering process, this process needs to control the sputtering thickness does not exceed the  of photoresist thickness;

Sixth, the stripping process is used to peel off the photoresist and the corresponding metal electrode on the upper surface of the substrate to ensure that the metal electrode deposited on the substrate remains attached, while the metal electrode deposited on the photoresist is stripped, and the residual photoresist is dissolved by organic solvents;

Seventh, metal electrode is sputtered on the lower surface of ceramic substrate by sputtering process

Eighth, SLC single layer capacitors are obtained by dicing the ceramic substrate according to requirements.

SLC single layer capacitor developed and mass-produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of small size, low equivalent series, large capacity, etc., which can meet the requirements of different substrate conditions for chip capacitor.

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