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Miniature Chip Capacitor
2021/02/08 03:02:26

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise focusing on the research, development and production of single layer capacitor. Single layer capacitor sold by EXSENSE Electronics is small in size, large in capacitance and good in weldability, which is widely used in microwave integrated circuits and plays a role in DC blocking, RF bypass, impedance matching, etc.

There are different requirements for the thickness of the chip capacitor in different operating environments. There are two problems with conventional chip capacitor which needs to be thin:

First, if the green compact is too thin, which is easy to deform when sintering. It’s difficult to control the size of ceramic body;

Second, the strength of ceramic body is poor, which is fragile, the production process is too difficult.

In order to overcome the above technical problems, EXSENSE Electronics introduced a miniature chip capacitor. Compared to conventional chip capacitors, it is easier to control electrical capacity and size, which is widely used in DC and RF bypass, or as a fixed capacity adjustment element in filters, oscillators and matching networks.

This miniature chip capacitor consists of silicon monocrystalline chip, silicon dioxide dielectric layer, conductor layer and electrode layer. This miniature chip capacitor, with a silicon monocrystalline chip as a substrate, laminates the silicon dioxide dielectric layer on top of it; Then either conductor layer of molybdenum or nickel is laminated on the silicon dioxide dielectric layer, and the gold electrode is printed on the surface; Finally, either conductor layer of molybdenum or nickel is laminated on the bottom of the silicon monocrystalline chip and the gold electrode is printed on its surface. Among them, the remaining edges around the conductor layer laminated on the silica dioxide dielectric layer are formed by evaporation and sputtering; The gold electrode is formed by evaporation and sputtering.

This miniature chip capacitor has the following advantages:

First, the use of silicon monocrystalline chip medium material, because of the high strength of silicon single wafer, there is no size shrinkage and other problems, so easy to manufacture, easy to control the product capacity and size;

Second, the strength and quality consistency of the product are better, the upper and lower sides of the electrode is gold electrode, the weldability is good;

Third, the size can be based on the size of the electrical capacity, which is flexible and convenient.

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