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Brief analysis of Single Layer Capacitor
2021/04/01 11:04:26

Single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has characteristics of small size, high application frequency, low loss, etc., which is widely used in all kinds of RF module circuit design, such as mobile phone communication, radar, aerospace, etc. It plays the role of DC insulation, bypass, smoothing, coupling, which is essential electronic components to microwave circuit.

Single layer capacitor is passive component, which is made of ceramic materials as dielectric and plated with one metal layer on both sides. In recent years, with the progress of ceramic stacking technology, content of capacitance value is also more and more high, to gradually replace the low capacitance capacitor (such as electrolytic capacitor and market application of tantalum capacitor), and single layer capacitor can be directly bonded by Surface Mounting Technology (SMT), production speed is quicker than the electrolytic capacitor and palladium capacitor. Therefore, the market development of single layer capacitor has been paid more and more attention, and it is a rapidly developing capacitor product.

According to the types of capacitors, chip capacitor can be divided into single layer capacitor (SLC) and multi-layer Chip capacitor (MLCC). The chip capacitor is high dielectric coefficient, good insulation, great temperature characteristic, which is suitable for mobile phone and other communication products, as well as notebook computers and other light, thin and short products. While according to the different types of media, chip capacitor can be divided into Class Ⅰ Ceramic Capacitor and Class Ⅱ Ceramic Capacitor. Class Ⅰ Ceramic Capacitor used to call high-frequency ceramic capacitor, is refers to the small dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, dielectric constant change with temperature linearly ceramic medium manufacture chip capacitor. It is suitable for resonant circuit, and other requirements of small loss and stable capacitance circuit, or for temperature compensation. Class Ⅱ Ceramic Capacitor used to call a low-frequency ceramic capacitor, it is a capacitor with ferroelectric ceramic as the medium. This kind of chip capacitor has a large specific capacitance, and the capacitance varies non-linearly with temperature, and the loss is large. It is often used in electronic equipment in bypass, coupling or other circuits with low stability to the loss and capacitance.

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