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Development of Single Layer Capacitor
2021/01/14 03:01:09

Single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., has characteristics of small size, large electrical capacity, great microwave performance, which is mainly used in microwave integrated circuits, DC blocking, bypass, impedance matching, etc.. Single layer capacitor makes it easy for the user to match the capacitor width and the width of the circuit board conductor, or, when the line area is limited, the line will be in chip capacitive size.

According to data from China Industry Information Network, capacitors accounted for 66% of the total output value of passive components in 2019. According to the different dielectric, capacitor can be divided into ceramic chip capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum electrolytic capacitor and film capacitor, etc. Among them, ceramic chip capacitors, due to their small size, large voltage range and other characteristics, accounted for 43% of the total capacitor market share in 2018, ranking first.

Ceramic chip capacitors can be divided into single layer capacitor (SLC), multi-layer ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC) and lead multi-layer ceramic chip capacitor. Among them, single layer capacitor is composed of a ceramic dielectric layer, which is sintered at a high temperature to form a ceramic chip, and then printed with metal electrodes on the surface of both ends of the chip. Single chip capacitor, not only has the characteristic of “block direct current and pass alternating current”, but also has low equivalent resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistant, small size, wide range of capacity, etc., which is widely applied to the optical communication, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and industrial automation, aerospace and other industries. It has now become the most widely used ceramic chip capacitor products. At present, the single layer capacitors are mainly developing in the direction of miniaturization, high capacity, high frequency, high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance and great reliability.

In the upstream of single layer capacitor industry chain, it mainly covers ceramic powder raw materials and metal materials for internal and external electrodes. Among them, the fineness, uniformity and reliability of ceramic powder directly determine the size, capacitance and performance stability of chip capacitor products. The global supply of single layer capacitor powder materials presents an oligopoly pattern, and the core technology is mainly controlled by Japanese manufacturers. Facing the global ceramic powder monopoly situation, domestic manufacturers are increasing research and development efforts, continuous technological innovation, to catch up with the market share.

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