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NTC Thermistor Chip in Computer
2018/03/12 03:03:03

NTC Thermistor Chip in Computer

Due to the continuous development of computer, more and more functions are integrated into the computer, so the processing power of the computer is improving day by day. These data include multimedia data and three dimensional animation data, in order to meet the requirements of processing a large amount of data, a growing number of chips was set in the host. At the same time, the CPU and chipset also needs to improve.

The appearance of laptop requirements are light, thin, small, so this is another challenge for designers. In a limited space, how to reduce the heat generated by the system has become a thorny problem. How to balance the efficiency of the system, the system of comfort (including the temperature of the laptop shell, the noise generated by the fan rotation), and operating system are all important parts of the laptop design.

The CPU is the largest source of heat in the system. It is an important goal of computer temperature detection. At present, the CPU contains a diode and a NTC thermistor temperature sensor, the NTC thermistor is directly detecting CPU core temperature and provide remote temperature detection. It also control the internal temperature and prevents high temperature burn out the computers.

The NTC thermistor chip of our company has the characteristics of good heat resistance circulation and quick response. We can customize the parameters and dimensions according to the requirements of customers, and learn more about NTC thermistor information. Please refer to know more: http://www.exsense.cn/

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