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NTC Thermistor Chip Used in Tympanic Temperature Probe
2018/03/12 03:03:59

NTC Thermistor Chip Used in the Tympanic Temperature Probe

The infrared thermometer has the characteristics of easy to use and rapid temperature measurement, which is suitable for large-scale body temperature screening. It is widely used in the production process of chemical, food and other industries.

In the hospital and household, we also use infrared thermometer to measure body temperature. However, according to the data show that the average temperature measurement of infrared thermometer readings is lower than average tympanic temperature probe thermometer readings, the average difference is 0.68 ℃.

In general, the infrared thermometer to measure the skin temperature of the body surface rather than the actual temperature of the human body, while the ear canal closest to the tympanic membrane internal temperature is the closest to the actual temperature of the human body can be used as the actual temperature of the human body reference temperature.

Therefore, compared with the infrared thermometer, the tympanic temperature probe is more suitable for the measurement of body temperature than the infrared thermometer.

Our design of disposable tympanic temperature probe is a memory foam wrapped with NTC chip, which can accurately measure the body temperature while avoiding damage to the patient's eardrum. In addition, disposable tympanic temperature probe can also detect the patient's temperature in real time, providing convenient conditions for the further treatment of medical staff.

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