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Role of Fast-response NTC Thermistor in Fire Detector
2023/11/15 03:11:13

Since its inception, the fire detector has become one of the safety equipment in public transportation stations, residences, schools, commercial buildings, hospitals and other places after years of technological innovation and R&D breakthroughs. When a fire accident occurs, in order to ensure timely fire detection, prompt for danger avoidance and alarm, it is necessary to set up a fast-respond NTC thermistor in the fire detector, and use its high sensitivity to temperature changes to significantly reduce fire extinguishing lag, which is conducive to the subsequent rescue operation.

As the "pioneer" of the fire system, fire detector plays multiple roles. It needs to use thermistor to simultaneously monitor whether there are abnormal temperature, gas, smoke, etc. to prevent misjudgments caused by small fire large smoke, leading to major life and property safety accidents. Specifically, the NTC thermistor is connected to the detection wire of the temperature detection module. When a fire occurs and the NTC detects abnormal ambient temperature, its resistance value changes immediately, and the temperature signal is converted into an electrical signal through the amplification circuit, triggering the alarm switch connect to the other end of the temperature detection module, and then a buzzer will sound to remind people to race against time to escape.

The addition of NTC thermistor makes the temperature monitoring process of the fire detector more efficient, improves the temperature monitoring sensitivity, and allows the fire alarm to respond more quickly. The fast response of the thermistor makes it a key component of fire detector. However, the traditional NTC sensing speed currently used in fire detector on the market is not enough to meet the response needs of fire detector. To this end, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a fast-response insulated lead NTC thermistor to help fire detector manufacturers make better selections. Compared with conventional NTC, this thermistor has the following advantages:

First, high sensitivity. This feature can enable it to respond quickly and sense changes in ambient temperature, thus improving the monitoring speed of fire detector;

Second, high accuracy. This feature can help the fire detector more accurately determine the possibility of fire, thereby avoiding false alarms and missed alarms;

Third, great consistency. This feature can ensure that the fast response insulated lead NTC thermistor can maintain stable electrical performance in different application environments, making the operation of fire detector more reliable.

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