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Temperature-measurement NTC Bare Chip Inside SiC Silicon Carbide Module
2023/11/22 03:11:11

In recent years, the market share of new energy vehicle has grown rapidly in the development trend of full support from the state and active production of enterprises. It also ushers in new opportunities for new energy vehicle power components, including SiC silicon carbide module, which is the "accelerators" that help the performance of new energy vehicles continue to rise. Since the module is extremely sensitive to temperature changes, it is necessary to monitor and protect the temperature through the NTC bare chip to ensure the working stability of the silicon carbide module.

The traditional NTC bare chip is composed of upper and lower surfaces metal electrodes and semiconductor ceramic, after which is fused to the PCB with solder, the metal electrode migration phenomenon is prone to occur in the high-temperature working environment of the silicon carbide module, it will lead to the reduction of the metal electrode area of the NTC chip and cause the welding strength to decrease. In addition, metal migration can also cause resistance value of NTC to increase, resulting in deterioration of electrical performance.

In order to improve these technical problems, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed a solderable NTC bare chip suitable for wire bonding, which adds a barrier layer composed of rare metals between the upper and lower surface metal electrodes and the semiconductor ceramic to improve the phenomenon of metal migration. Moreover, rare metal of barrier layer of solderable NTC bare chip suitable for wire bonding will not affect the electrical properties of NTC at high temperatures, ensuring its stable operation. In addition to the common wire bonding process, solderable NTC bare chip suitable for wire bonding can also be used in a variety of bonding processes such as silver sintering, silver adhesive, reflow soldering, etc. This NTC chip also has the following features:

First, high sensitivity, which can respond quickly when the working temperature of the silicon carbide module changes;

Second, small size, which can play a role in saving installation space in the compact layout of silicon carbide module and improving the degree of integration;

Third, bare chip structure, which can be closer to the temperature measurement point in the temperature monitoring process of silicon carbide module, improve the efficiency of temperature acquisition;

Fourth, the electrical performance can be customized, which can meet the needs of different silicon carbide module manufacturers.

The addition of solderable NTC bare chip suitable for wire bonding in SiC silicon carbide module not only promotes the progress of temperature monitoring and temperature protection technology inside the module, but also reduce the developing cost of temperature control component inside the module. EXSENSE Electronics believes that solderable NTC bare chip suitable for wire bonding can further promote the R&D and innovation of silicon carbide module in the future with its excellent reliability.

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