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Role of NTC Thermistor Chip in Household Natural Gas Monitoring
2023/04/20 03:04:04

In recent years, with the continuous update of national safety standards for household natural gas, household natural gas monitoring has become one of the key points to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. In order to prevent potential safety hazards caused by natural gas leakage, infrared natural gas detector is often used for ambient gas measurement. Due to natural gas monitoring focuses on high accuracy, NTC thermistor chip needs to work in real time with TEC and infrared sensor to improve the efficiency of natural gas detector.

Compared with semiconductor gas sensing method, gas chromatography method, catalytic combustion method and other gas monitoring technologies, natural gas detector using infrared sensor has the following advantages:

First, if the signal received in time by the infrared sensor is weak, it can also issue an alarm to remind the user of a high concentration of gas or has been generated, which needs to pay attention to screening. In other gas monitoring sensors, a weak signal or no signal generally means zero or low gas concentration, if the detector is also faulty or occluded, and even the problem of zero or no recording of infrared radiation data will occur, and no alarm will be issued.

Second, the infrared sensor quantifies and monitors the gas through infrared laser, and does not interact with methane (the main component of natural gas), which means that the detector will not be affected during use, so it is more accurate than other detection methods and can have a longer service life.

Infrared gas detector mainly links NTC thermistor chip, TEC and laser diode for natural gas monitoring. If natural gas leaks, the infrared laser of the detector will be absorbed by the natural gas and then produce intensity attenuation, and the natural gas concentration content is proportional to the infrared laser, which means that measuring the intensity of the infrared laser can obtain natural gas concentration data through analysis.

Considering the miniaturization of the integrated circuit inside the infrared gas detector, the selection of NTC thermistor chip also needs to take this into account. High-reliability NTC thermistor chip developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is small in size and the structure of the upper and lower surfaces coated with metal electrodes is suitable for the bonding process, so that the installation can be closer to the temperature measurement source, so as to achieve the effect of rapid response. The NTC thermistor chip also has the advantage of high accuracy, which can effectively improve the accuracy of natural gas monitoring process.

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