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NTC Thermistor and Range Hood
2023/04/18 03:04:09

As a part of smart home, range hood, in addition to preventing lampblack back-streaming, automatic adjustment of air volume, monitoring ambient air quality and other functions, internal grease dirt self-cleaning is also one of the important links. In order to avoid damage to the range hood caused by over-temperature in this process, it is necessary to combine NTC thermistor as the hub of over-temperature protection and temperature monitoring to ensure the safety of internal grease dirt self-cleaning of the range hood.

NTC thermistor is generally placed in the temperature acquisition/control module of the circuit board inside the range hood to help the degreasing motor to work, and achieve fast and effective grease dirt dissolution and removal. When the user starts the grease dirt self-cleaning function inside the range hood, the motor starts to heat, and the NTC thermistor acts as a component for over-temperature protection to prevent the occurrence of potential safety hazards caused by excessive motor junction temperature. When the temperature reaches the suitable operating temperature point of internal grease dirt self-cleaning, the NTC thermistor starts to monitor the temperature and monitor the operating temperature of the motor in real time to avoid exceeding the operating limit temperature. It is worth noting that due to the ambient temperature deviation, the heating time of the motor in summer will be shorter than in winter, and the entire self-cleaning program will take less time.

With the help of NTC thermistor, the motor can easily remove grease dirt at high temperature, efficiently complete the self-cleaning process of the range hood. Considering that there are certain requirements for the moisture-proof performance of NTC thermistor in this state, the epoxy-encapsulated NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is generally selected to ensure stable work in high temperature and high humidity environments. Epoxy-encapsulated NTC thermistor also has great consistency, plays an optimal role in the circuit design of range hood.

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