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NTC Thermistor and Shell Temperature Monitoring
2023/04/04 03:04:54

Temperature monitoring of babies and toddlers when they are sick has always been the focus of close attention of parents. Due to babies and toddlers’ expression ability is relatively weak, it is difficult to tell parents their discomfort through words, while real-time body shell temperature monitoring can feed back changes in body temperature and remind parents to respond in time. So, how can we improve high-accuracy shell temperature monitoring? This requires the assistance of NTC thermistor to obtain more accurate monitoring data, so as to avoid missing the best time for treatment.

Compared with the hot-selling forehead thermometer on the market currently, the monitoring of shell temperature through NTC thermistor is less interfered by external temperature or other factors; Compared to traditional mercury thermometer, shell temperature monitoring has a shorter measurement time and higher safety. By taking advantage of the fact that the resistance value of NTC thermistor decreases with increasing temperature, combined with its characteristic of fast response, it is possible to realize high-accuracy shell temperature monitoring and improve the efficiency of shell temperature measurement better.

On the one hand, Shell temperature monitoring can effectively eliminate the error caused by the ambient temperature on the measurement; On the other hand, it can avoid the lack of body temperature monitoring data due to the body turning of babies and toddlers. The addition of NTC thermistor for shell temperature monitoring can further ensure the accuracy of real-time shell temperature measurement. Considering the extremely high requirements for accuracy of shell temperature monitoring, IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor of EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is the first choice. This series of thermistor has high accuracy and meets the high requirements for accuracy of shell temperature monitoring; Its high stability can reduce temperature fluctuation during the acquisition of shell temperature information; The lead part of miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor is enameled wire, which length can be customized according to customer needs.

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