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MELF Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor and IGBT
2023/04/06 03:04:19

With the support of national policies in recent years, the rapid development process of new energy vehicles has also led to the rapid development of automotive-grade IGBT module. IGBT module works in high-temperature environment, and NTC thermistor needs to be used for temperature monitoring and temperature protection to ensure its normal operation in a switched/non-switched state.

NTC thermistor is generally soldered to the heat dissipation substrate for real-time temperature monitoring of the chips inside the IGBT module better. The temperature acquisition module is used to collect the temperature of the IGBT module chip, then the real-time temperature measured by NTC thermistor is compared and tested, and the preset calibration temperature data is combined to carry out a rapid comparison test to accurately obtain the real-time operating temperature of the IGBT module, while reducing losses and eliminating problems such as inaccurate temperature monitoring and delay.

With the assistance of NTC thermistor, IGBT module can effectively improve the accuracy of temperature monitoring, also make the application of IGBT safer and more efficient. At present, most of the IGBT modules on the market, its operating temperature can reach 175℃, so the NTC thermistor selected is usually the GT-T series MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. This thermistor has fast response speed and can react in time when the IGBT module is working; And its small size, in the installation process can simplify the layout structure and save costs; MELF glass encapsulated NTC thermistor is enclosed in a glass-encapsulated shell, making it robust and corrosion-resistant.

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