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Inkjet Printer with NTC Thermistor
2023/03/30 03:03:06

With the continuous development of intelligent printing technology, digital printing devices such as inkjet printer are widely used in office automation, home office, printed circuit board, advertising design and other fields. In the operating process of inkjet printer, in order to combine ink level monitoring and ink anti-solidification, NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring and temperature control is an ideal solution.

Compared with conventional liquid level switch of inkjet printer with stirred ink cartridges and inorganic inks, liquid level switch of inkjet printer using NTC thermistor has more reliable performance, more compact structure and smaller dimension. Specifically, an NTC thermistor is placed at the bottom of the inkjet level switch as the actual temperature monitoring component during the working process of the inkjet printer. Another thermistor will also be set at the head of the liquid level switch, and the monitoring module will use its monitored temperature as a reference data for comparison. In practical applications, when the two NTC thermistors have different feedback on temperature in different media, the liquid level switch of inkjet printer is to use their resistance value for different reactions of temperature for ink level height monitoring, ink anti-solidification operated synchronously, to ensure that the inkjet printer is not affected by the surrounding temperature, which can operate normally.

Considering the product dimension and installation location of the liquid level switch of inkjet printer, the selected NTC thermistor is generally the CT series SMD type NTC thermistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., which has a small size, can save the installation space of the printed circuit board; Its high precision, more accurate for temperature monitoring and feedback; Its response is fast, can assist the inkjet printer to carry out printing work more quickly.

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