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Fire Alarm with NTC Thermistor
2023/03/23 03:03:06

Recently, the weather has been dry and the probability of fire accidents has also increased. In order to avoid the occurrence of fire, while enhancing people's safety awareness, it is also necessary to equip a more complete fire protection system and sensitive fire alarm. In order to improve the sensitivity of fire alarm to smoke, EXSENSE Electronics recommends the installation of NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring to help it detect fire better.

NTC thermistor is extremely sensitive to temperature changes and can react quickly when fire occurs, so that the fire alarm is connected to the circuit to give an alarm, then to remind people to evacuate and extinguish the fire. Fire alarm is generally composed of NTC thermistor, buzzer and smoke sensor. When fire occurs, the temperature continues to rise, and the resistance value of the thermistor decreases, so that the series circuit with the buzzer is switched on to realize immediate alarm. The NTC thermistor will also be connected in series with the smoke sensor, and will react when the smoke concentration reaches the preset concentration comparison value, and activate the fire sprinkler for real-time fire extinguishing, which improves the fire extinguishing efficiency while gaining rescue time for the fire brigade.

Fire alarm with high stability and great performance can not only improve safety, but also protect people's lives and property better. The epoxy-encapsulated small size NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high sensitivity and assists the rapid response of the fire alarm in the initial stage of fire; Its consistency is great, which can ensure the stable operation of the fire alarm after starting; Epoxy-encapsulated small size NTC thermistor is cost-effective, which can reduce the manufacturing cost of fire alarm.

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