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NTC Thermistor with Vaccine Cold Chain Transportation
2022/09/30 03:09:00

According to the World Health Organization, as of May 2022, billions of people around the world have been vaccinated against COVID-19. In order to ensure that vaccines can be transported and stored under different conditions, temperature monitoring and temperature control during the cold chain transportation of vaccines are essential to ensure their quality. How to maintain the right temperature of the environment in which the vaccine is located during cold chain transportation? This requires the involvement of NTC thermistor.

If the temperature is abnormal during the cold chain transportation of vaccines, it is difficult to ensure the quality of vaccines. Due to the effect of temperature abnormalities on vaccine components, it may pose a threat to the life safety of the person being injected. The use of temperature-resistant and moisture-resistant NTC thermistor can ensure that the vaccine is in a specific temperature environment during the cold chain transportation process, and the change of ambient temperature is monitored in real time. Another important link in the cold chain transportation process is temperature control, through the assistance of NTC thermistor, with the Internet of Things data center of cold chain transportation, you can control the storage temperature of the vaccine in the transportation process in real time and effectively, so as to avoid the vaccine components due to abnormal temperature changes and lead to the decline in efficacy or failure.

According to the provisions of the "Technical Specifications for Verification Performance Confirmation of Temperature Control Facilities and Equipment for Cold Chain Logistics of Pharmaceutical Products", in cold chain transportation, the maximum allowable error of temperature monitoring range between 0℃ and 40℃ is ±0.5℃; The maximum allowable error of the temperature monitoring range between -25℃ and 0℃ is ±1.0℃. Using high-precision epoxy encapsulated NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., using its characteristics of temperature and moisture resistance, great consistency and fast response, it can ensure accurate temperature monitoring and temperature control of vaccines in cold chain transportation, without fear of long-distance delivery.

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