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Role of NTC Thermistor in Rechargeable Steam Eye Mask
2022/10/04 03:10:49

All kinds of electronic products are constantly penetrating into people's daily lives, and the resulting health problem is excessive use of the eyes. To relieve eye fatigue, a type of recyclable rechargeable steam eye mask has come into being, the basic function of which is to use a warm compress to effectively relieve eye pressure. To ensure the safety of the user, in order to prevent overheating caused by burns, it is necessary to insert a high stable NTC thermistor in the rechargeable steam eye mask for temperature monitoring.

NTC thermistor built into the rechargeable steam eye mask compares the monitored actual temperature with the preset temperature through the integrated circuit chip after real-time temperature acquisition, then issues the corresponding instructions to control the heating device heating or stop heating. Due to each person's sensitivity to temperature is different, the rechargeable steam eye mask will also take advantage of the fact that the resistance value of NTC thermistor changes with the temperature to provide multiple temperature levels for users to choose, fully embodying the humanized design. When using a rechargeable steam eye mask to heat the eye area, the possible effects of temperature on the user are:

First, excessive temperature may burn the eyes and surrounding skin. According to relevant studies, the suitable temperature range for warm compress is 40℃~45℃, and if the temperature is higher than 60℃, there will be a risk of burns;

Second, if the temperature is too low, the effect of warm compress to relieve eye fatigue cannot be achieved;

Third, if the temperature is not constant will affect the user experience.

Therefore, for NTC thermistor that acts as temperature monitoring components in rechargeable steam eye mask, the following requirements are usually presented:

First, high accuracy, which can ensure that the actual temperature of each level is closer to the preset temperature;

Second, the response speed is fast, when the NTC thermistor can quickly sense the temperature change and timely feed back the actual temperature to the integrated circuit chip, it can effectively avoid the heating device due to the delay in receiving instructions and the temperature is too high / too low / not constant, so that the eye mask can maintain constant heating,

Third, the reliability is great, which can ensure that the eye mask can be used normally in different temperature environments.

In addition to the two requirements of fast heating speed and constant temperature heating, in order to carry it around, users will also consider its portability and size when purchasing a rechargeable steam eye mask. Small size NTC thermistor is used in eye mask to compress space while reducing their weight. The new type SMD NTC thermistor developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. well meets the requirements of rechargeable steam eye mask, due to it has the characteristics of fast response speed, high reliability (reliability change rate < 0.5%), high accuracy (accuracy can up to ±0.3%), small size, etc., which can assist rechargeable steam eye mask to achieve more accurate and stable temperature control, bringing users a more comfortable experience.

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