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NTC Thermistor in Portable Charging Bank
2022/09/29 03:09:04

In the 21st century, with the increasing popularity of electronic products, portable charging bank has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. In the charging/discharging process of the power bank, in order to avoid circuit damage due to excessive temperature, most manufacturers will choose to insert NTC thermistor for real-time temperature monitoring and operating ambient temperature monitoring.

In general, NTC thermistor is placed near the lithium battery of the portable charging bank to monitor its real-time temperature changes. Typically, the temperature of lithium battery continues to rise within two to three hours of charging, which is caused by the chemical reaction that occurs during charging. Since the optimal temperature range for normal charging of lithium battery is 10℃~30℃, in order to ensure safe operation, NTC thermistor needs to monitor the temperature of lithium batteries and ambient temperature to better compare the two data during the charging process of charging bank, and timely feed back to the analog digital controller (ADC). In case of abnormal temperature, it can respond quickly and power off to avoid dangerous situations.

In addition to the lithium battery of the portable charging bank that needs to use NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring during charging, the monitoring of its ambient temperature is also essential, especially in the process of fast charging. When the portable charging bank is fast charging, if the ambient temperature is too hot, whether it is caused by over-voltage, over-current, external environment and other factors, it may lead to a critical state of thermal runaway of the lithium battery, which will increase the risk of lithium battery fire or even explosion; If the ambient temperature is too cold, the resistance of the lithium battery becomes larger, resulting in less electric charge provided between the full and empty states, and low-temperature charging at this time will damage the battery, thereby reducing the capacity.

In addition, the suitable temperature for fast charging is 10℃~45℃, and the battery performance above 45℃ will be reduced, and the specific temperature depends on the lithium battery compound of the portable charging bank. Therefore, the IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is used to monitor the charging/discharging temperature of portable charging bank in real time, which can ensure that the charging bank works in a safe temperature range, in order to prevent temperature abnormalities on the charging bank and electronic products caused damage.

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