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NTC Thermistor in Far Infrared Heater
2021/09/02 03:09:00

Modern urban white-collar workers sit at their desks for long periods of time and lack exercise, which is easy to lead to a decline in physical fitness. As a result, an office chair with far infrared heater has emerged. This office chair can not only promote human body blood circulation, reduces body ache and long time work or driving fatigue, but also helps improve the body's immunity.

The far infrared heater in this office chair consists of a concave circular plate and a thick film with a high sensitive NTC thermistor, a far infrared heat resistance, insulating medium and polyimide film. This far infrared heater has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, great thermal-conductivity property, large heat dissipation area and high safety performance, which is widely used in the heating field of various home appliances and instruments. Among them, NTC thermistor plays the role of temperature monitoring and temperature controlling, to avoid the far infrared heater in the process of working due to high temperature caused by accidents, to ensure the safety of use. The production process steps are as follows:

First, SUS444 stainless steel plate is processed by punching machine to form a concave circular plate.

Second, the polyimide film is cut into the same size and dimension as the circular plate, and then the insulating medium is printed on the plane of the polyimide film and dried at 350℃; After repeating the above steps three times, the resistance is printed and dried at 350℃, and then the conductor is printed and dried at 350℃ to form dry film at room temperature.

Third, make the dry film paste on the surface of the circular plate after degreasing, and then use the hydraulic press with water bag to press the substrate from multiple sides, so that the dry film and substrate close together and press for 10 minutes after the release of the hydraulic press; Take out the thick film substrate with dry film, and put it into a high temperature furnace at 850℃ for 15 minutes to form a thick film heating plate with the substrate and dry film at room temperature; Finally, the NTC thermistor, contact, far infrared heating resistance and electrical control circuit are installed on the thick film heating plate to become a complete far infrared heater.

Fourth, fix the far infrared heater on the back of the office chair in regular arrangement.

Non-insulated lead NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of high precision, great heat cycle, rapid response, etc., and due to its resistance value decreases with the increase of temperature, so the thermistor plays a role of temperature monitoring and temperature controlling in far infrared heater.

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