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Market Status and Development prospect of IGBT
2021/03/09 03:03:00

With the continuous development and popularization of mobile communication, consumer electronic and new energy automobile, the market share of IGBT module is increasing, and its application is becoming more and more extensive. IGBT thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has characteristics of high precision (precision can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±3%), great reliability and high sensitivity, which can play a role of temperature detection in IGBT modules. To prevent damage to the IGBT module due to overheating, many manufacturers seal the IGBT thermistor chip in the IGBT module to measure the module's housing temperature.

With the continuous progress of domestic R&D technology, localization of IGBT is the general trend. China is the economically active region with the most complete industrial chain in the world. There are already a group of local manufacturers active in the power semiconductor field. Currently, the layout of the industrial chain has been basically completed and is in the process of rapid development. Although there is still a relatively large technological gap with the international leaders in the short term, some domestic substitutes have been realized in the middle and low-end fields.

Power semiconductor is a demand-driven industry. The downstream customer market is mainly domestic manufacturers. When facing domestic downstream manufacturers, domestic semiconductor power enterprises often have comparative advantages in cost and customization compared with foreign manufacturers. The cost advantages of domestic manufacturers include a wealth of professionals, lower labor costs and potentially avoided freight costs and tariffs; The advantages of customization include low communication costs and the ability to respond quickly to customers. In the case that foreign manufacturers tend to standardized production and selectively abandon the differentiated customization market, the customization service of domestic manufacturers can make up for the deficiency of process technology to a great extent. Therefore, when the product performance of the domestic power semiconductor manufacturer is enough to meet the demand of the downstream manufacturer, the domestic downstream manufacturer will tend to prefer the domestic supplier in spite of the replacement cost. At the same time, the iteration speed of power semiconductor is relatively slow, the requirements of manufacturing investment scale is relatively low, the professional personnel is relatively rich, the possibility of achieving technological breakthroughs, reaching international first-class product performance in a short time is relatively higher. The domestic power semiconductor industry also has a high possibility of realizing import substitution.

According to the research results of YOLE and IHS, China is the largest power semiconductor market in the world, with the total demand accounting for 43% of the  total demand in the world, and with the increase of domestic environmental awareness and energy saving requirements, the demand for power semiconductor devices will further expand.

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