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Development of Optical Transceiver Chip in Optical Transceiver Industry
2021/01/29 03:01:00

The optical transceiver mainly realizes the electrical- optical conversion and optical - electrical conversion of signal at the sending end and the receiving end respectively, which is widely used. EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research, development and production of optical transceiver chip for more than 14 years. The optical transceiver thermistor chip sold by EXSENSE Electronics can effectively monitor and control the working temperature of the optical transceiver and help the normal operation of the optical transceiver.

Influenced by historical reasons, the researched and developed technology of chip and product of Europe, America and Japan and other developed countries started earlier and have greater technical advantages. With the advantage of labor force, China occupies a large market share in the middle of the industrial chain. China has become a global manufacturing base of optical transceiver, and has developed from OEM and ODM models into a leading brand of optical transceiver in the global market. While the division of labor in the industry chain improves efficiency, it is not conducive to Chinese technological independence and makes it difficult to share the upstream market. With the advent of the 5G era and the intensifying technological war between China and the United States, China is expected to make efforts upstream to achieve technological breakthroughs and change the existing optical transceiver industry chain.

It will take some time for the domestic chip industry to surpass overseas. Among them, the optical chip industry chain link includes chip design, substrate manufacturing, crystalline grain manufacturing and other multiple steps, the process flow is more complex. The birth of an optical chip needs to go through design, chip flow, sizing, mass production and other links, the complete process is between one and a half to two years. Due to the serious shortage or backward technology of production capacity of Chinese OEM factories, Chinese large number of chip enterprises chip flow schedule is seriously subject to foreign countries. In addition, the electronic chip industry chain links including IC design, wafer manufacturing and processing, encapsulating and testing links, which are also have complex procedures and technologies. The need to improve the whole semiconductor industry chain short board, domestic replacement is still a long way to go.

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