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Future of IGBT in Power Semiconductor Device Industry
2021/01/19 03:01:02

IGBT belongs to one of the power semiconducting devices, which has the characteristics of low on resistance, high frequency, stable heat dissipation and energy saving, and is widely used in aerospace, electric automobile, new energy equipment, consumer electronics, household appliances and other fields. In the working process of IGBT, in order to prevent the working temperature of IGBT is too high then cause accidental damage, an NTC thermistor chip is usually installed for temperature monitoring in order to prevent IGBT from operating at too high a temperature and causing accidental damage.

Power semiconductor device is the core device of power electronic devices to realize energy conversion and power management, which is also known as Power Electronic Device. Its main functions include frequency conversion, voltage transformation, rectification, power conversion and management. Power semiconductor devices are widely used in the fields of power electronics such as mobile communications, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, rail transit, industrial control, power generation and power distribution, etc., which are mainly divided into three categories: power discrete devices, power integrated circuits (i.e., Power IC/PIC) and Power modules.

In order to adapt to the wide range of application fields and the precision of application forms, power semiconductor has been comprehensively improved in terms of structure, technology, process, materials, etc. From the development path of power semiconductor, higher power density, smaller size, lower power consumption and loss are the key direction of its technological evolution.

In terms of structure, from semi-controlled devices such as thyristor to fully controlled devices represented by gate turn-off thyristor GTO, power bipolar transistor BJT and metal-oxide -semiconductor field effect transistor MOSFET, the evolution process of semiconductors has undergone large-scale basic design changes. For example, IGBT has one more layer of P+ region than MOSFET, and the on-resistance of the device can be reduced by the injection of P layer holes. With the increase of voltage, the on-resistance of MOSFET also increases, so its conduction loss is relatively large, especially in high voltage applications. Compared with it, the on-resistance of IGBT is relatively small, and the conduction loss is relatively small.

In terms of integration adjustment, the technology of integrated circuit promotes the miniaturization and functionalization of the device, and provides the conditions for the development of high-frequency power electronics technology. For example, power modules can encapsulate multiple power devices that can work at high frequencies, while circuits can be more energy efficient and material efficient at high frequencies, significantly reducing device size and weight.

Material iteration. In recent years, as Si material power electronic devices gradually approach its theoretical limit value, power electronic devices made of wide band gap semiconductor materials show more excellent characteristics than Si, bringing new vitality to the development of power electronic industry. Compared with Si, a new generation of power electronic devices made of wide band gap semiconductor materials can become smaller, faster, more reliable and more efficient. This will reduce the quality, size, and life cycle costs of power electronics components, allowing devices to operate at higher temperatures, voltages, and frequencies, enabling electronic devices to achieve higher performance by using less energy.

IGBT thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. plays an indispensable role in IGBT modules because of its high accuracy (accuracy can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±3%), fast response and high stability which plays a part in temperature monitoring and temperature controlling.

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