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Introduction of Optical Module
2020/07/30 03:07:04

The NTC thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., plays the role of temperature monitoring and temperature control in the optical module due to its resistance value changes with the temperature. The main function of the optical module is to carry out photoelectric signal conversion, which is usually installed in the switch (there are about six ports on a switch) of data center or base station. In the production process of optical module, which generally includes the following components: optical devices, optical chips, PCB boards, outer shells, etc., after packaging a complete optical module can be obtained.

In the optical communication industry, China has the largest optical communication market of the world, optical chips, the market share of optical devices, optical modules is neck and neck. At present, the domestic high-end optical chips almost all rely on imports. In the domestic optical chip market, the localization rate of optical chips of 10Gb/s and below reaches 80%, while optical chips of 25Gb/s and above are still to be broken through. At present, 400G optical module does not need 400Gb/s optical chip, but it still uses a number of 50Gb/s or 25Gb/s optical chips. Nowadays, most of the optical device industry in China is dominated by small and medium-sized private enterprises, which are generally small in scale and weak in independent research and development and resource investment, and mainly focus on the research and development and manufacturing of middle and low-end products. Although a few domestic enterprises rely on the advantages of device encapsulating and have formed a strong influence in the middle and low-end markets, their capabilities in core components and high-end devices are still very weak. Optical module enterprises, in fact, is the encapsulated OEM. In recent years, the global optical module encapsulating production capacity is basically transferred to the domestic, whether to manufacture the latest products in the industry is one of the criteria for customer rating.

As the core device to realize photoelectric conversion, optical module plays an indispensable role in optical communication, digital communication, data center and other fields. On the one hand, the domestic market needs to continuously expand the industry chain, make the product scope covered the upstream of the optical communication industry chain, improve the product supply system, form a new optical module competitive advantage, and promote the common development of the optical communication industry. Integrate the whole process of design, encapsulating, production and testing of optical chip and optical module to further enhance the competitiveness of optical module products. On the other hand, strengthen the research and development practice, fill up the technical shortcomings, improve the level of light module technology. To meet the needs of the future construction of optical optical module, enterprises need to high speed and ultra-high speed optical module for research and development focus, from the structure design, product technical certification, etc. of the optical module, overcome the difficult constantly, technology level gradually improve, to lay a solid foundation for mass production of the high speed and ultra-high speed optical module, make a contribution to break the domestic shortage of high-end light modules in China.

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