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NTC Thermistor Chip For IGBT and Electric Vehicle
2020/07/14 03:07:37

Nowadays, electric vehicle has become a new trend in the development of the automobile industry. As one of the core devices affecting the performance of electric vehicles, IGBT is used in battery management system, electric control system, air conditioning control system, charging system and so on. NTC thermistor chip for IGBT can carry out real-time temperature monitoring and temperature control of IGBT module in electric vehicles, effectively preventing the high operating temperature of IGBT, resulting in accidents.

IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor), with its high frequency, high voltage, high current, easy switching and other advantages, its main functions are alternating current and direct current conversion, voltage high and low conversion. In short, IGBT is like a "switch" that can be precisely regulated in a circuit based on signal instructions, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase, etc. Electric vehicle is highly electrified, which has led to the application of IGBT in it. IGBT, along with the battery cell, is known in the industry as the "double core" of electric vehicle.

When IGBT is used in electric motor of electric vehicle, electric vehicle drives the wheels by electric motor, the in-car motor system mainly includes electric motor and inverter, and the IGBT module is the core device of the inverter, by adjusting the form of output electricity, thus driving the motor, to provide power for the operation of the car. In addition to electric vehicle, G-series high-speed train will also use IGBT. IGBT module is an important part of the traction converter of G-series high-speed train, which converts the direct voltage into a symmetrical alternating voltage with variable amplitude and frequency through the switch of the IGBT module, which drives the traction motor to run.

In addition to electric vehicle, G-series high-speed train and other means of transport, there are photovoltaic power generation, wind power and other new energy generation areas, television, washing machine, air conditioning and other consumer electronic products, are constantly improving the level of electrification, intelligence. In these application scenarios, IGBT module is present.

IGBT is a national strategic emerging industry, and is accelerating localization. The state continues to support key technologies in the fields of industrial semiconductor materials, chips, devices and IGBT modules. In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the “One-Stop Application Plan for Industrial Strong-Based IGBT Devices”, which focuses on supporting IGBT design, chip manufacturing, module production and IDM, upstream materials, production equipment manufacturing, etc., to promote the development of IGBT and related industries in the three major areas of electric vehicles, smart grids and rail transportation.

NTC thermistor chip for IGBT produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high accuracy (can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, and ±3%), great reliability and high sensitivity, which plays a vital role in temperature monitoring and temperature control of IGBT module.

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