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Important Component of Optical Communication - Optical Module
2020/06/29 03:06:01

NTC thermistor chip for optical communication which produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Can monitor temperature and control temperature for optical module in real time. With the accelerated construction of 5G infrastructure and data centers, the demand for optical modules in optical communications enterprises is growing. Domestic optical module industry will also complete the process of industrial upgrading from low speed to high speed, which is expected to realize the simultaneous rise in quantity and price, and bring high prosperity to the industry. According to data of Light Counting, the size of the global optical module market has been increasing year by year since 2016, with the year-on-year growth rate maintaining at 9% on average. The size of the global optical module market is increasing, and it is expected that the global optical module market will exceed 15 billion US dollars by 2024, developing towards ultra-high speed and super capacity.

Optical module is an important component of optical communication and its core part. In optical communication, the role of optical module is mainly to complete photoelectric conversion and electro-optical conversion. The optical module will first convert the sent electrical signals into optical signals, then convert the optical signals into electrical signals through the optical fiber for transmission. It is mainly composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces, among which optoelectronic devices include optical transmitters and optical receiving devices. According to Moore's Law, the miniaturization, low cost and high speed of optical module are the main directions of product update iteration. The enabling technology of optical module can be divided into encapsulation technology and optical/electrical component technology, wherein most of the encapsulation technology needed for optical module can draw lessons from the mature process technology.

Today, the status and demand of optical module in 5G new architecture are constantly improving. For 5G load bearing, 25/50/100Gb /s new high-speed optical module will be gradually introduced in the front, middle and back access layers, and N× 100/200/400Gb /s high-speed optical module will be introduced in the back-haul convergence and core layers. The two main sources of optical module demand are digital communication market and telecommunication market. The optical communication industry chain is composed of chip - component - module - system. The more downstream the industry becomes more competitive. The chip field is the bottleneck in the development of optical communication at present. The optical module is located at the back end of the industrial chain and mainly plays the role of design, integration, encapsulation and testing. Upstream of the optical module is the optical chip and optical devices, downstream is the communication equipment vendors, the final products applied to the data center and telecommunications market.

Since 5G construction began in 2019, the base station infrastructure sector market has exceeded expectations. In the 5G era, the demand for optical modules will exceed that of 4G era, which will inject new power into the wireless optical module market and further increase the space of this market segment. Benefiting from the increase of capital expenditure of data center and 5G of large-scale capital expenditure, the market demand of light module will also be driven in the next three years.

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced semiconductor process, combines with independent intellectual property rights, to ensure that high-accuracy NTC thermistor chip continuous production of high stability, great reliability, so that NTC thermistor chip in the optical module stable work, become an indispensable part of the optical communication industry.

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