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Failure Cause of IGBT and Role of NTC Thermistor Chip
2020/05/15 03:05:22

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is high-tech private enterprise which is specialized in research, production, development and sales of high-accuracy NTC thermistor chip. Due to the resistance value of thermistor chip varies with temperature, it plays a vital role in the temperature monitoring and temperature control of IGBT.

IGBT is widely used in industrial control, power electronics systems and other fields (such as speed governing of servo motor speed, variable frequency power supply, etc.) because of its high switching frequency, simple drive circuit, low saturation voltage and high electric current. In practical application, in order to make it work more securely and efficiently, the protection of IGBT is particularly important.

Failure of IGBT is mainly due to overvoltage or overcurrent of the collector and emitter and overpressure or overcurrent of the grid electrode. The stray inductance, induced electromotive force of electrical machinery, sudden change of load in the distribution of the electric system will cause the overvoltage and overcurrent. When overcurrent has occurred, the IGBT must remain in safe operating area of the short circuit.

The time of IGBT to withstand the short circuit is closely related to the supply voltage, driving voltage of grid electrode and the actual operating temperature, in order to prevent the IGBT damaged due to the short circuit fault, there must be perfect temperature monitoring and temperature protection link, NTC thermistor chip at this time to play its role. The high-sensitivity thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE electronics, which can always monitor the operating temperature of IGBT, in the case of abnormal temperature, timely response to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

In the process of IGBT operation, if the temperature is too high due to poor heat dissipation, it is easy to cause damage to the collector. If the device continues to short-circuit, the power consumption generated by the large current will cause the temperature to rise rapidly; And if the temperature of chip exceeds the eigentemperature of silicon, the device will lose the blocking capability and the grid electric control will not be protected, resulting in the failure of the IGBT. Therefore, the installation of NTC thermistor chip for temperature monitoring is conducive to the safe operation of IGBT. The high-precision gold electrode thermistor chip produced by EXSENSE Electronics, which can respond quickly, effectively assisting the operation of IGBT.

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