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NTC Gold-electrode Chip and Optical Communication
2020/04/23 03:04:22

NTC gold electrode chip researched and developed, produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of high precision (can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±3%), high sensitivity, high reliability, good heat-resistant cycling capacity, stable performance and so on, which is applicable to optical communication modules, laser modules, etc..

Industry Chain of optical communication mainly includes three parts of optical communication devices, optical communication systems, optical communication applications, upstream also includes supporting industries such as optics, semiconductors, equipment, test instrumentation, etc. Optical communication devices in accordance with their different physical form, which can be divided into chips, optical active devices, optical passive devices, optical modules and subsystems, which supporting IC classified in the chip. Chips in the four categories can be divided into InP series (high-speed direct modulation DFB and EML chip, PIN and APD chip, high-speed modulator chip, multi-channel adjustable laser chip), GaAs series (high-speed VCSEL chip, pump laser chip), Si/SiO2 series (PLC, AWG, MEMS chip), SiP series (coherent optical transceiver chip, high-speed modulator, optical switch, etc.; TIA, LD Driver, CDR chip), LiNbO3 series (high-speed modulator chip) and so on.

In electronic circuit, data is usually transmitted through stream of electrons, which generates a lot of heat as it passes through the copper wires and many resistors of a chip transistor. This means that the more data there is, the more heat is generated by the flow of electrons. At this point, the NTC gold electrode chip can effectively play its role of temperature monitoring, to prevent excessive heat, resulting in electronic circuit damage.

The resistance value of the NTC gold electrode chip decreases as the temperature increases, and vice versa. By taking advantage of this feature, it can play the role of temperature monitoring and temperature control better in the optical communication system. Moreover, the operating temperature of NTC gold electrode chip can reach more than 300℃, which is suitable for TO-CAN and other encapsulating modes and bonding welding. EXSENSE Electronics has achieved the mass production of NTC gold electrode chip, which is suitable for fiber optical communication module, size can up to 0.3*0.3mm, thickness is 0.3mm, special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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