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NTC Thermistor and Temperature Controller for Electric Fan
2020/03/27 03:03:01

The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability, high temperature resistance and fast response speed, which is widely used in temperature monitoring, temperature control, temperature compensation and other occasions.

At present, most of the temperature-controlled speed control system of fan uses the main integrated circuit (IC), after receiving the temperature sensor signal, the speed of the fan is controlled by adjusting the pulse width modulation (PWM) signal output of the the main integrated circuit. This system is more complex, and requires the fan to have PWM speed control function, so the cost of this system is relatively high, and when the main integrated circuit is subject to external interference (such as static shock, temperature is too high, etc.), which is easy to cause the electric fan to run abnormally, so the reliability of the entire system is relatively poor.

In order to solve the above problems, EXSENSE Electronics introduced a temperature controller for controlling the wind speed of electric fans, which includes NTC thermistor, power supply, power interface. The NTC thermistor is electrically connected to the power supply and the electric fan power supply interface respectively; The power connector is installed on the electric fan, while the power interface of electric fan is electrically connected to the electric fan. Due to NTC thermistor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, its resistance decreases with the increase of temperature, and when the thermistor is in series in the fan circuit, the resistance becomes larger when the temperature decreases. Fan speed becomes lower, the resistance value is lower when the temperature is high, the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance value, so that the speed of the fan will change with the temperature, playing the purpose of the fan speed is controlled by temperature.

The temperature controller for controlling the wind speed of electric fan, using NTC thermistor for temperature control, which can adjust the speed of direct-current fan without PWM speed control function, reduce the cost of the entire temperature controller, strengthen the anti-jamming ability, with higher reliability. In addition, because of its simple structure, which is not only easy to produce, but the cost is very low, cost-effective.

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