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NTC Chip in Infrared Thermal Imaging Thermometer
2020/03/19 03:03:34

The NTC chip produced and developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., because of its high precision (can up to ±0.5%, ±1%, ±3%), great reliability, high sensitivity, small size, fast response speed, which is widely used in infrared thermal imaging thermometer, security product, intelligent electronic equipment, etc..

Due to the sudden New Corona Virus Disease 2019, the forehead thermometer (infrared thermometer) has become one of the products that is hard to find. However, in crowded public areas, such as passenger transport stations, hospitals, office buildings, airports, etc., the infrared thermometer needs manual one-on-one close-up testing, and it can not immediately obtain temperature measurement results, which is not conducive to epidemic prevention and control, its role is appeared insignificant. As a result, infrared thermal imaging thermometers have become an important device in this epidemic. As the core component of infrared thermal imaging thermometer - NTC chip, which can accurately sense temperature, quickly obtain data, detect temperature differences, effectively identify hot masses with abnormal body temperature.

The NTC chip in infrared thermal imaging thermometer, its specific preparation method is: thermal material preparation - ingot molding - sintering - slicing - cleaning and drying - printing electrode - dicing - test. The specific preparation operation is as follows:

First, the preparation of thermal substrates

Various metal oxides (manganese, cobalt, iron, nickel, copper, zinc, etc.) are formulated into mixed materials in accordance with the corresponding proportions; The mixed materials are mixed evenly with a ball milling machine; They are powdered into 100 to 300 meshes after pre-sintering; Then the pre-sintered materials are ball milled with water, so that the material ball is refined evenly, so that the materials are about 2μm; Pour the material into the mold, after preliminary hand-press molding, continue to mold under ultra-high pressure, get the ingot; Add the ingot into the alumina bowl with alumina sand, fill the ingot with alumina sand then sintering, the temperature in the sintering process is: 20 hours from room temperature to 1150℃, Then sintered at 1150℃ for 40 hours, after natural cooling, to get sintered ingots; The ingots fixed on the special fixture of inner round cutting machine, adjust the parameters for cutting, drying after ultrasonic cleaning with pure water, to get the thermal substrate.

Second, printing electrodes

The electrode slurry is evenly printed at both ends of the thermal substrate, then the resistance furnace is used to make the electrode slurry and thermal substrate sintered tightly.

Three, dicing

The thermal substrate covered with electrode slurry is diced. According to the actual demand, set process parameters, using the dicing machine for dicing, the high-precision high-reliability NTC chip used for the infrared thermal imaging thermometer is obtained.

Infrared thermal imaging thermometer, with NTC chip to perceive the temperature of each person, to help doctors and nurses build the first line of defense against epidemic prevention and control work.

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