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NTC Thermistor and Circuit Protection Module
2019/08/29 02:08:35

At present, NTC thermistor plays a role of suppressing the high surge current in circuit protection module, making the circuit more safe and effective. When the temperature decreases, the number of carriers (electrons and holes) of the oxide material inside the NTC thermistor is few, and its resistance value is higher; When the temperature increases, the number of carriers increases and the resistance value is lower. The thermistor have a higher resistance relative to protected circuits, so they will suppress the surge current for 1~2 seconds, during which time the resistance of the thermistor will decrease due to temperature increases until the pressure drop at both ends of the thermistor can be ignored.

However, in the actual using process, the design of components will exist in many aspects of the shortcomings, such as the design of installation circuit is complicated, the installation size is too large, the test is multifarious, etc.. Today, let’s introduce a circuit protection module with NTC thermistor, which is a over-current protection patch module, the installation size is small, the design of installation circuit is simpler,the performance is superior. This circuit protection module, including NTC thermistors and PTC thermistors. NTC thermistor includes NTC thermal material layer, first left conductive layer and first right conductive layer; PTC thermistor includes PTC thermal material layer, second left conductive layer and second right conductive layer. The first left conductive layer and the first right conductive layer are attached to the left and right ends of the NTC thermal material layer; The second left conductive layer and the second right conductive layer are attached to the left and right end of the PTC thermal material layer; NTC thermistor is located on the PTC thermistor, and the first left conductive layer is connected to the second right conductive layer, The first right conductive layer is connected to the second left conductive layer. This circuit protection module, which is clever design, simple structure, easy to manufacture, and its installation size is small, design of installation circuit is simple, performance is superior, which is suitable for large-scale popularization and application.

The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of excellent reliability, high sensitivity and high precision, which can effectively and quickly carry out temperature measurement and temperature control, and plays an indispensable role in circuit protection module.

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