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Application Scope of Wireless Charging Technology
2018/08/17 03:08:06

The Application Scope of Wireless Charging Technology

In recent years, the new charging technology-wireless charging, has been rising continuously. Compared with traditional wired charging, wireless charging has the characteristics of small size, high portability, strong compatibility and good waterproof and dustproof design of electrical equipment.


Nowadays, with a large number of wireless charging devices meeting the Qi standard, wireless charging has begun to enter our daily life.


Wireless charging technology can be applied to electric cars, mobile phones, home appliances, unmanned aerial vehicles, new energy industry production and other aspects. The development of wireless charging technology will promote industrial upgrading and transformation in multiple industries, and promote economic and social development and progress.


So what are the specific applications of wireless charging technology?


Low-power wireless charging is mainly used in the electronics industry, including smartphones, smart bracelets, tablet computer and wearable devices. These products use QI standard wireless power supply solution, which is mature, stable and cost-effective. According to different products, 2.5w, 5W, 10W and 15W wireless charging chips and solutions can be used.


Medium power wireless charging is mainly used in the robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, electric bicycle and small household appliance industries. Wireless charging does not require physical contact, which effectively solves the unsafe problems such as corrosion, oxidation, electric shock and spark generation. Both fixed area charging and dynamic online wireless power supply can be used.


The electrification, intelligence and automation of automobiles are the future direction. In high-power wireless charging, it is mainly used for wireless charging of automobiles. Wireless charging has the advantages of convenient charging, safety, and maintenance-free. With the maturity of driverless car technology, wireless charging in the future will become the standard for new energy vehicles.


EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the R&D of NTC thermistor chip and NTC thermistor components for more than 10 years. It can provide professional services in the design of temperature control and heat dissipation during wireless charging. NTC thermistor independently developed, produced and manufactured by the company is characterized by high accuracy, high reliability and high sensitivity. Our company owns more than 100 invention patents and is a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise and high-tech enterprise.

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