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How to Detect the NTC Thermistor of Rice Cooker
2018/09/28 02:09:07

With the development of technology, the electrical industry is changed rapidly, rice cooker has become one of the most essential appliances for family. The characteristic of the resistance of the NTC Thermistor decreases with increasing temperature, providing a stable temperature measurement function and operating conditions for the rice cooker.

The NTC thermistor independently R&D, produced and manufactured by Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has the advantages of high sensitivity, high precision and high reliability. It is widely used in temperature measurement, temperature control and temperature compensation. The biggest advantage of our NTC thermistor is that it can maintain stable operation for a long time under high temperature, high pressure and high humidity environment, and has long life performance. Therefore,the NTC thermistor will provide safety protection during the operation of the rice cooker. Therefore, when the parts are assembled, the NTC thermistor is connected to a single-chip interface on the electromagnetic heating control board, thereby detecting the level of the level and making corresponding protection actions according to its change. Through this operation, it is ensured that when the temperature in the pot reaches a certain value, the heating device is automatically disconnected by the help of the NTC thermistor and then enters the heat preservation state.

During the test, we can do a heating test to detect the NTC thermistor. Place a heat source (such as a soldering iron) close to the thermistor and heat it to see if the resistance is getting smaller. When the resistance value can gradually decrease with heating, and the resistance value gradually stabilizes after continuous heating, it indicates that the thermistor is normal. If the thermistor is removed, the level of the microcontroller is detected to be unchanged, of course, it can be heated normally, but it is very dangerous. Because there is no over-temperature protection of the NTC thermistor, it is easy to cause the rice cooker to dry or even cause a fire.

Therefore, NTC thermistor in rice cooker is one of the most important parts. Without the assistance of NTC thermistor, MCU can not operate normally. Moreover, after the electric rice cooker started up, there was no reaction and no heating, which may be the circuit malfunction in the electric rice cooker. At this time, you should focus on the circuit inside the rice cooker, and through detection to determine whether the fault caused by circuit problems.

The convenience of the rice cooker is self-evident, and NTC thermistor is indispensable when the rice cooker in operation. Therefore, when we choose the rice cooker, we can not only focus on its versatility, but also pay attention to the quality of the components, so that the rice cooker can last longer and work more stably.

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