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Application of NTC Thermistor in 3D Printers
2018/08/13 02:08:27

Application of NTC Thermistor in 3D Printers


3D printer is a three-dimensional objects created by printing layers of fusible materials such as special waxes, powdered metals or plastics based on digital model files. The principle of the 3D printer is to put the data and raw materials into the 3D printer, and the machine will build the products layer by layer according to the program.


The biggest difference between 3D printers and traditional printers is that the "ink" used is a real raw material. There are many types of stacked thin layers, which can be used to print a wide variety of media, from plastics to metals, ceramics and rubber.


NTC thermistor is an important part of temperature measurement and control in 3D printers. The Exsense radial glass encapsulated NTC thermistor can meet the requirements of 3D printers. Under 300 ℃ high temperature, in the 3D printers are using a 100k glass encapsulation of NTC thermistor, measuring the temperature of the ultra precise tolerance range is 1%.


The lead of the radial glass encapsulated NTC thermistor is the dumet non-insulated wire. If you want to insulate lead, you can also add a Teflon sleeve to the dumet, but the disadvantage is that it slips easily.


Features of radial glass encapsulation NTC thermistor: glass encapsulation, suitable for use in high temperature and high humidity environment; Accuracy tolerance of 5%-1%; Fast response; 1.3mm diameter of small glass beads; Bare lead (Teflon sleeve available).


The following is an optional glass encapsulated NTC thermistor dimensions: 

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